Archaeological Geophysics
Welcome to J. M. Leigh Surveys

J. M. Leigh Surveys is a geophysical survey consultancy, specialising in archaeological surveys. We provide geophysical surveys throughout Ireland and the UK for a variety of commercial and research projects. As a geophysical consultancy, we specialise in surveys to meet planning application requirements as well as providing services for pre-planning applications and research projects.

Our web site is designed to provide information about J. M. Leigh Surveys, our services, and the role of geophysics in archaeology. Geophysical survey is a non-intrusive method of locating and identifying buried archaeological remains. Archaeological geophysics has become an invaluable tool for archaeological evaluations, and is widely applied to the commercial and research sectors.

The implementation of geophysics as part of archaeological assessments allows a rapid site investigation highlighting areas of archaeological potential and identifying buried remains, without the need for extensive intrusive test trenching. J. M. Leigh Surveys has been operating in Ireland since 2006 and our knowledge of geophysics and passion for archaeology has led to us quickly becoming one of the leading geophysical survey consultancies in Ireland. We provide high quality surveys and detailed geophysical reports for both the research and commercial sectors of archaeology. Geophysical survey is tailored to meet the needs of individual projects. We offer a variety of geophysical techniques to ensure a comprehensive and professional service to meet the requirements of the survey.